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Monday, October 25, 2010

Android and Webkit ... tool : webkitmerge !!!

webkitmerge is a tool in Android source 

./webkitmerge --help

WebKit Merge for Android version 1.1


webkitmerge -a path -b path -n path [-g or -p] [-c -d -e -m -o -s -v -x]

Options -c -e -m -o -s are set unless one or more are passed.

Leave -g and -p unset to copy, merge, and delete files outside of source control.

-a --android path     Set the Android webkit path to merge to.
-b --basewebkit path  Set the common base for Android and the newer webkit.
-c --mergecore        Create merge scripts for WebCore, JavaScriptCore .h .cpp.
-d --debug            Show debugging printfs; loop forever on internal assert.
-e --emptydirs        Remove empty directories from webkit trees.
-g --git              Emit git commands.
-h --help             Show this help.
-m --mergemake        Create merge scripts for WebCore/Android.mk,
                      WebCore/Android.derived.mk, and JavaScriptCore/Android.mk.
-n --newwebkit path   Set the webkit to merge from.
-o --copyother        Create script to copy other webkit directories.
-p --perforce         Emit perforce commands.
-s --removesvn        Remove svn directories from webkit trees.
-v --verbose          Show status printfs.
-x --execute          Execute the merge scripts.

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