Monday, January 29, 2018

QNAP 人工智慧及深度學習相關職缺

儲存廠商QNAP,在2016年開始加入物聯網領域,推出QIoT Suite Lite後,2018年先是與AWS 一同將AWS Greengrass 也導入到QNAP QTS 生態圈中,逐步提升Edge Computing 開發能量。在QTS 4.3.4 更是加入GPU支援,開始針對人工智慧產生應用。

在最近微軟Google 陸續加碼台灣研發能量,也幫大家整理一下QNAP 人工智慧及深度學習相關職缺,期待更多人加入加速產業提升。

Thursday, January 11, 2018

回歸寫作初心 台灣Medium 思書

Medium 這兩年很紅,覺得很潮


SOSreader - 專為寫作者而生的集資訂閱平台

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

快速打包應用程式到QNAP NAS (QDK, QPKG)

目前我們使用github 分享 關於打包應用到QNAP NAS 請參考

下方連結為打包 app 說明文件及開發工具下載位置請參考

For a start on developing on QNAP, developers can find the related information in the following link:

In our experience, most developers are interesting in file management API and Download Station API, please refer to

If they are interesting in other API documents, please refer the index file here (

If they are plan to develop the App that running on NAS, following is the quick start guide:

- Download link of QDK for NAS

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Binary Classification (二元分類)

Binary Classification (二元分類)

Binary or binomial classification is the task of classifying the elements of a given set into two groups (predicting which group each one belongs to) on the basis of a classification rule. Contexts requiring a decision as to whether or not an item has some qualitative property, some specified characteristic, or some typical binary classification include:

  • Medical testing to determine if a patient has certain disease or not – the classification property is the presence of the disease.
  • A "pass or fail" test method or quality control in factories, i.e. deciding if a specification has or has not been met – a Go/no go classification.
  • Information retrieval, namely deciding whether a page or an article should be in the result set of a search or not – the classification property is the relevance of the article, or the usefulness to the user.

related information:

Friday, December 15, 2017


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