Saturday, December 3, 2016

Swift 開啟網頁

Swift 開啟網頁,可以看看下面這幾行

var urlString = ""
var url = NSURL(string: urlString)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

MQTT 以及 mosquitto

MQTT[1] (MQ Telemetry Transport or Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) is an ISO standard (ISO/IEC PRF 20922)[2] publish-subscribe-based "lightweight" messaging protocol for use on top of the TCP/IP protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations where a "small code footprint" is required or the network bandwidth is limited. 

mosquitto is an MQTT v3.1 broker.

Usage: mosquitto [-c config_file] [-d] [-h] [-p port]

 -c : specify the broker config file.
 -d : put the broker into the background after starting.
 -h : display this help.
 -p : start the broker listening on the specified port.
      Not recommended in conjunction with the -c option.
 -v : verbose mode - enable all logging types. This overrides
      any logging options given in the config file.

See for more information.

Intel CIOT 學習筆記

來研究一下Intel CIOT (Intel® Commercial IoT Labs)

  • Building Edge Sensors and Actuators
  • Application Protocols: MQTT and HTTP
  • Databases at the Edge
  • Custom Administrative Interfaces
  •  Automation on the Edge Network

Building Edge Sensors and Actuators
延續之前的Edge device ex. Intel Edison 

Application Protocols: MQTT and HTTP
教怎麼安裝Node-RED 來講做操控並用Postman, a HTTP debugging tool 來做互動

Databases at the Edge
教你怎麼架一個Node-JS server 把MQTT接收到的資料寫到MogodoDB

Install MongoDB and the MongooseJS database bindings 
Write a NodeJS server that listens to all sensor traffic over MQTT 
Write the collected sensor information to the database.

MongooseJS is an Object Data Manager that let’s you build JavaScript objects that can create, read, validate, update and remove entries from a MongoDB.

Be sure that the sensor is publishing data and MongoDB is running, then start the server.


Custom Administrative Interfaces

 Automation on the Edge Network

Implement your business logic in the form of triggers which are automatic rules that run on the edge network. 
Read triggers from the database and evaulate whether any of them should be executed. 
Write your own Condition Based Monitoring System (CDMS)


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