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2008年7月24日 星期四

Common Questions about GTK

Common Questions: "1.4.

How does memory management work in GTK+? Should I free data returned from functions?

See the documentation for GObject and GtkObject. For GObject note specifically g_object_ref() and g_object_unref(). GtkObject is a subclass of GObject so the same points apply, except that it has a 'floating' state (explained in its documentation).

For strings returned from functions, they will be declared 'const' (using G_CONST_RETURN) if they should not be freed. Non-const strings should be freed with g_free(). Arrays follow the same rule. (If you find an exception to the rules, please report a bug to"

2008年7月17日 星期四

何謂time granularity - Yahoo!奇摩知識+

何謂time granularity - Yahoo!奇摩知識+:

Time granularity 就是「時間粒度」,是指事情或現象發生的頻率、或發生時間之間的間隔。



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2008年7月9日 星期三


GtkListStore: "Object Hierarchy


Implemented Interfaces

GtkListStore implements GtkBuildable, GtkTreeModel, GtkTreeDragSource, GtkTreeDragDest and GtkTreeSortable."

2008年7月8日 星期二

GObject說明 The Base Object Type

The Base Object Type: "Description

主要是想要知道為什麼在宣告一個GObject A之後要先做g_object_ref(A)。

GObject is the fundamental type providing the common attributes and methods for all object types in GTK+, Pango and other libraries based on GObject. The GObject class provides methods for object construction and destruction, property access methods, and signal support. Signals are described in detail in Signals(3).

GInitiallyUnowned is derived from GObject. The only difference between the two is that the initial reference of a GInitiallyUnowned is flagged as a floating reference. This means that it is not specifically claimed to be 'owned' by any code portion. The main motivation for providing floating references is C convenience"

String Utility Functions : g_strsplit ()

String Utility Functions: "g_strsplit ()

gchar** g_strsplit (const gchar *string, const gchar *delimiter, gint max_tokens);

Splits a string into a maximum of max_tokens pieces, using the given delimiter. If max_tokens is reached, the remainder of string is appended to the last token.

As a special case, the result of splitting the empty string '' is an empty vector, not a vector containing a single string. The reason for this special case is that being able to represent a empty vector is typically more useful than consistent handling of empty elements. If you do need to represent empty elements, you'll need to check for the empty string before calling g_strsplit().

string : a string to split.
delimiter : a string which specifies the places at which to split the string. The delimiter is not included in any of the resulting strings, unless max_tokens is reached.
max_tokens : the maximum number of pieces to split string into. If this is less than 1, the string is split completely.

Returns : a newly-allocated NULL-ter"

2008年7月3日 星期四

什麼是GTK(GIMP ToolKit)

GTK Programming Zone: "GTK (GIMP ToolKit) 原本只是 GIMP 開發過程上管理圖型介面的一套工具程式庫. 由於它使用 LGPL 執照, 程式開發者可以免費使用它來發展公開程式碼的軟體, 免費軟體或甚至商用軟體. 隨著使用率及使用範圍的增加, 很快的 GTK 從只為了滿足 GIMP 需求而存在的印象中跳出, 發展成今日功能廣泛的一套程式庫.

GTK 的穩定版已從 1.2 發行到現在的 2.0. 舊的 1.2 版基本上只有 GLIB 跟 GTK+ 兩個套件, 而 GTK 中另含有 GDK (GIMP Drawing Kit) 程式庫. 一般我們直接使用的是 GTK. 其中幾乎所有繪圖功能都是透過 GDK 來達成的. GDK 主要負責和 X Window 的程式庫做"

GTK字串處理 String Utility Functions

String Utility Functions

g_ascii_strtod ()

Converts a string to a gdouble value. This function behaves like the standard strtod() function does in the C locale. It does this without actually changing the current locale, since that would not be thread-safe.

This function is typically used when reading configuration files or other non-user input that should be locale independent. To handle input from the user you should normally use the locale-sensitive system strtod() function.

To convert from a gdouble to a string in a locale-insensitive way, use g_ascii_dtostr().

If the correct value would cause overflow, plus or minus HUGE_VAL is returned (according to the sign of the value), and ERANGE is stored in errno. If the correct value would cause underflow, zero is returned and ERANGE is stored in errno.

This function resets errno before calling strtod() so that you can reliably detect overflow and underflow.

gtk 如何debug

還可以在程式中使用這個 function 來做一點簡單的檢查 :

Logs a warning if the expression is not true.


Message Output and Debugging Functions

Message Output and Debugging Functions — functions to output messages and help debug applications

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