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2017年12月26日 星期二

QuAI 機器學習開發平台登場 - QNAP NAS 就是人工智慧開發的敲門磚

更多訊息可以上FB: QuAI Community


2017年12月25日 星期一

威聯通最新 QTS 4.3.4 正式版登場!即刻升級獲得標配快照保護,多項服務效能與影音體驗最佳化

威聯通最新 QTS 4.3.4 正式版登場!即刻升級獲得標配快照保護,多項服務效能與影音體驗最佳化

台灣,台北,2017 年 12 月 25 日 – 威聯通®科技 (QNAP® Systems, Inc.) 今日釋出最新 NAS 作業系統 QTS 4.3.4 正式版,以「源自儲存本質的思考與改變」為核心概念,提供更高效、多工與高安全性的全方位 NAS 解決方案。

2017年12月17日 星期日

Binary Classification (二元分類)

Binary Classification (二元分類)

Binary or binomial classification is the task of classifying the elements of a given set into two groups (predicting which group each one belongs to) on the basis of a classification rule. Contexts requiring a decision as to whether or not an item has some qualitative property, some specified characteristic, or some typical binary classification include:

  • Medical testing to determine if a patient has certain disease or not – the classification property is the presence of the disease.
  • A "pass or fail" test method or quality control in factories, i.e. deciding if a specification has or has not been met – a Go/no go classification.
  • Information retrieval, namely deciding whether a page or an article should be in the result set of a search or not – the classification property is the relevance of the article, or the usefulness to the user.

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2017年12月8日 星期五

Q: Why do we have to use Python?

Q: Why do we have to use Python? 

A: Python is an open-source language, anyone can use it from anywhere in the world. It is widely used in academics (research labs) or in the industry. It has a useful library "Numpy" that makes math operations very easy. Python has several deep learning frameworks running on top of it (Tensorflow, Keras, PaddlePaddle, CNTK, Caffe, ...) and you are going to learn some of them. It is also easy to learn. Furthermore, we believe Python has a good future, as the community is really active and builds amazing stuff.

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