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2011年1月18日 星期二





感覺2007年好像很多討論BBS的文章阿 XDD



From Something about Movie



2011年1月16日 星期日

2010 top 5 in Adventure Book 2.0

thanks Google Analytic

list 2010 top 5 page in Adventure Book 2.0

1. Android 中文輸入法 官方版 !

introduce Android Chinese input : LatinIME

2. AE FAE Pre-sales Post-sales

introduce the term AE FAE, Pre-sales and Post-Sales

3. 利用 adb 安裝 apk 到裝置上

use command to install application to Android device

4. 推薦android app !!

list some recommend android application

5. 常用gcc指令說明

 just list some gcc command


it looks like Android Topic sill hot in 2010,

so 2011 Adventure Book 2.0 will still focus on Android :Q

From Something about Movie

2011年1月11日 星期二

突然想回味n年前的Web 2.0時代

突然想回味n年前的Web 2.0時代




接著是跟黑米拼很久的funp 在引入社群 -> Facebook like的功能後,

做了funP麻吉好像功力大增 !!



像是 meeya 以及 Unis


用search blog的功能找hemi、funp或是meeya 才找到

2007 透視google


早在我換Blogger範本的時候就懶得加回來了  @@

以前寫完一篇文章還很認真的貼到書籤網站想要衝流量,工作一忙早就忘光 @@

Android一出現之後就忘光光了 ><

From Something about Movie

2011年1月7日 星期五

宏碁與蘋果的平板之戰 Acer Warns Apple It’s Coming !! .... now Apple response !!

in 2010 Acer Roadshow, Acer promote a new Store Alive

Acer's New Store ... Alive
and show acer tablet (acer ... and acer tablet !!! )

Acer unveils Windows, Android tablets to compete with Apple's iPad )

But Apple is really the champion of software market :Q

during 2011 CES, Apple's Mac App Store goes live
more detail in  Mac App Store hands-on

A war between Acer and Apple begin, the consumer will be benefit with good and fancy product !
for Tablet war in 2011 is Acer A500 vs ipad

someone think :Acer Iconia A500 is my Ipad Killer
how about you ?

宏碁推出了手機、平板來對決蘋果,這一場Wintel vs Apple 的戰爭不知道最後會是誰出線呢?


2011年1月6日 星期四

2010 best acer android phone : acer stream

2010 best acer android phone : acer stream

wiki: Acer Stream

first show in Computex  Acer Stream preview at Computex 2010

then sell  Acer's Android-powered Stream confirmed for Expansys-exclusive August 9th launch

How you think about  acer stream ?

stream get 3.5 / 5 

and compare with HTC Desire !!

Now, none of this is to be sniffed at. They're all good things to have but, ultimately, Acer has a bit of a mountain to climb in the mobile space and it's probably going to need something more substantial to take customers away from the Desire. Probably what it would need most would be an equal or better level of appeal in the hand and, more importantly, a high standard of usability.

Read more: Acer Stream vs HTC Desire - Pocket-lint

Acer ... and Acer tablet !!!

Acer's Android tablets hands-on!
Acer's Android tablet (and its gyroscope) previewed on video

in 2011 CES will get more information  ^____________^

other related link :

update 2011 Q1 news :


宏碁預計推出數位商店 Acer's New Store ... Alive

Acer launches Alive digital content platform and app store, plans to pre-load it onto future machines

總之Acer 決定要推數位內容,不只是電子書這麼簡單,還包含了電影、音樂等 !

Welcome to Taiwan ! 推薦台灣住宿