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2017年10月26日 星期四


  • 讀寫效能比EXT4差很多
  • 快照混在工作磁碟區裡 無法區隔工作磁碟區和快照儲存區 資料儲存空間管理困難


補充基本說明影片:NAS 很簡單!基本儲存和網路技術大解密


威聯通科技股份有限公司 (QNAP Systems, Inc.) 立足台灣台北,提供全面且先進的 NAS 網路儲存與影像監控解決方案,讓使用者享有操作簡單、高安全性、並可彈性擴充的數位應用管理中心。優異的 NAS 產品不僅增進檔案儲存、備份/快照、虛擬化應用、與協同合作的效率,同時提供多媒體影音體驗,豐富數位娛樂生活。威聯通更跨足物聯網領域,並整合人工智慧 (A.I.) 與機器學習 (Machine Learning) 技術,期盼將 QNAP NAS 進化為智能管理中樞,為人類生活創造更多可能性。

2017年10月23日 星期一

IoT Development and Applications with QIoT Suite Lite and QBoat

QNAP is heading to IoT

Learn how to create IoT application on QNAP QIoT

QNAP IoT Solution - QIoT Suite Lite introduction !!

QNAP demo in Cebit2017

A smart home empowered by QIoT Suite Lite and multimedia apps QNAP demonstrates strong, intelligent, Internet-powered integration to empower smart lifestyles with many apps and features. Not only does QVR Pro provide a next-generation QNAP surveillance solution, it also works with QIoT Suite Lite's easy-to-use integrated IoT modules for makers to create customized event-driven recordings. 

By using the QIVA app, QNAP NAS turns into an IVA server, and users can customize event notifications to devices powered by QIoT Suite Lite. For example, if QIVA detects flames, it signals QIoT Suite Lite to trigger the Buzzer, attached to Arduino Yun, as a fire alarm. Visitors also have the chance to see Fibaro® home automation solutions. 

While “Cinema28” enables multi-zone media controls to stream media to every device connected to the NAS through HDMI, Bluetooth®, DLNA®, AirPlay®, and Chromecast™, “DJ2 Live” provides an exclusive live broadcasting platform based on a private cloud that supports up to 4K video live-stream broadcasts while storing all the videos on the private, secure, high-capacity QNAP NAS - all help to provide great potential for versatile lifestyle and business applications. 

IFTTT Agent” allows productive workflow automation for QNAP NAS. Users can easily create NAS applets to connect various internet-connected devices/services to create simple-but-powerful cross-app workflows. QNAP NAS can also become a wireless base station with the installation of a compatible PCIe wireless network card. With the WirelessAP Station app, users can establish wireless connections for laptops and smart devices, enjoying optimum access speeds and an independent, secure wireless connection.

Welcome to Taiwan ! 推薦台灣住宿