Saturday, November 28, 2009

就在Web UI上決勝負吧!

話說Web UI真的是個很重要的事情阿!

然後 .... 以及 ... 所以 ... (中略)

而Android’s Browser 則是based on WebKit + SquirrelFish

一般說來•WebKit v528.5, equivalent to Safari 4 beta
但是從user-agent string看來是 3.1.2 @@

最近MOTO老大哥力圖振作,推出的Android phone都有模有樣的!

逛MOTODEV Studio,發現還針對WebUI做了些努力!!!

With MOTODEV Studio for WebUI, you can develop, debug, and deploy increasingly popular widgets and Web 2.0-style applications for Motorola's open MOTOMAGX™ platform. Tools and documentation are pre-integrated and packaged with the Eclipse™ IDE so you can focus on creativity while maximizing productivity.


快點來k一下吧 @@

Eclipse 相關文章:

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