Thursday, July 30, 2009

什麼是 OMA ?

What is OMA ?

網路上查詢 OMA在 英文的定義結果:

Ōma|大間町|Ōma-machi is a town located in Shimokita District, Aomori, Japan. It is the site of the northern-most point on Honshū, the ...

OMA was the callsign of a Czech time signal station. The station was operated by the Astronomical Institute of Prague and the transmitters were ...

The Office of Multicultural Affairs

Operations and Maintenance, Army

最後這才是我要的 !

Open Mobile Alliance

wiki : Open Mobile Alliance

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) is a standards body which develops open standards for the mobile phone industry.


總是是個熱心幫大家定規格的組織 @@

"The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to facilitate global user adoption of mobile data services by specifying market driven mobile service enablers that ensure service interoperability across devices, geographies, service providers, operators, and networks while allowing businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation."






WDSGlobal - The power of Wireless Informatics - Collecting, validating and sharing information to deliver a great user experience.




提到了其實OTA會有一定的規格 ~ 分別是粗體的那兩個

The standard Android build does not include any provision for the OTA (over the air) provisioning of APNs. These control how your handset connects to data services such as Internet.

There is of course an industry standard for the configuration of data settings called OMA CP. It’s implemented in the majority of handsets released today – just not Android ones. WDSGlobal’s project simply extends the OMA CP standard onto the Android platform.

也就是上一段提到的熱心組織 @@

阿 好多東西要看

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