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Sunday, November 13, 2011

2010 性價比最高的 Android 低階手機 就是 Kyocera Zio

說到2010 性價比最高的 Android 低階手機 就是 Kyocera Zio


不過在歐洲應該都是Acer的天下 ,
但到了 2011 不只Acer連HTC也開始進攻Android 低階手機啦

要賺錢不簡單阿 ! 

  1. Kyocera ZIO
    www.ziobykyocera.com/ - Cached
    Check out the Sanyo Zio by Kyocera – the newest Zio to hit Kyocera's all-new line-up of Android devices. Check our Where to Buy page for carrier availability. ...

  2. Android phone - Zio M6000 Android phone from Kyocera

    www.kyocera-wireless.com/m6000-phone/ - Cached
    Zio M6000 - smartphone. Available at Kyocera-Wireless.com.
  3. Videos for Kyocera Zio

     - Report videos

  4. Kyocera Zio M6000 hands-on: you get what pay for -- Engadget

    www.engadget.com/.../kyocera-zio-m6000-hands-on-you-get... - Cached
    23 Mar 2010 – It's totally unfair to Kyocera that we played with its new Zio M6000 mid-tier Android smartphone mere hours after our first look at the HTC.

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