Friday, January 7, 2011

宏碁與蘋果的平板之戰 Acer Warns Apple It’s Coming !! .... now Apple response !!

in 2010 Acer Roadshow, Acer promote a new Store Alive

Acer's New Store ... Alive
and show acer tablet (acer ... and acer tablet !!! )

Acer unveils Windows, Android tablets to compete with Apple's iPad )

But Apple is really the champion of software market :Q

during 2011 CES, Apple's Mac App Store goes live
more detail in  Mac App Store hands-on

A war between Acer and Apple begin, the consumer will be benefit with good and fancy product !
for Tablet war in 2011 is Acer A500 vs ipad

someone think :Acer Iconia A500 is my Ipad Killer
how about you ?

宏碁推出了手機、平板來對決蘋果,這一場Wintel vs Apple 的戰爭不知道最後會是誰出線呢?


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