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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Android 上的 IM ?

在code google找到一個andtalk

簡述是:Instant Messenger for Android !

andtalk is an instant messenger for Google Phone in android platform. It will support for Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, XMPP and so on. It includes File transfer, media sharing, voicemail etc.




Q : 那什麼是Smack ?


Smack is an Open Source XMPP (Jabber) client library for instant messaging and presence. A pure Java library, it can be embedded into your applications to create anything from a full XMPP client to simple XMPP integrations such as sending notification messages and presence-enabling devices.

Smack API 3.1.0

有其他好心人寫了 XMPP Client

Android - Just use Smack API for XMPP

Updated XMPP Client for Android

相當感謝Momo 的幫忙 不然就中招而開天窗了 Orz

要多看多動手試 !

話說最近還想多研究Android Market上的 Application

看到相關文章 :

最近Android Market上面有個詐欺publisher


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