Tuesday, July 8, 2008

String Utility Functions : g_strsplit ()

String Utility Functions: "g_strsplit ()

gchar** g_strsplit (const gchar *string, const gchar *delimiter, gint max_tokens);

Splits a string into a maximum of max_tokens pieces, using the given delimiter. If max_tokens is reached, the remainder of string is appended to the last token.

As a special case, the result of splitting the empty string '' is an empty vector, not a vector containing a single string. The reason for this special case is that being able to represent a empty vector is typically more useful than consistent handling of empty elements. If you do need to represent empty elements, you'll need to check for the empty string before calling g_strsplit().

string : a string to split.
delimiter : a string which specifies the places at which to split the string. The delimiter is not included in any of the resulting strings, unless max_tokens is reached.
max_tokens : the maximum number of pieces to split string into. If this is less than 1, the string is split completely.

Returns : a newly-allocated NULL-ter"

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